This is a long-loved park located in the background of the Mt.Moiwa, and is known as a place of  relaxation in our city consisting water recreation areas and rich green spaces.
With an area covering about 21 ha, Nakajima Park is a nature-rich space near the city center. It has been  listed as one of “100 Most Popular Urban Parks in Japan.”
Before it became a park, the area was used as a lumberyard.Although the lumberyard was built in 1874,  it was eventually left unused; however, the locals urged to change the
ruined lumberyard into a park, and the area began its renovation in 1887. The Shobu Pond is part of the remains of the old lumberyard.
In addition to Shobu Pond, facilities in this park such as Government-designated important cultural properties, “Hoheikan” and “Hasso-an”, offer a glimpse of Sapporo’s history.
Nakajima Park’s green and lush nature that surround the whole area express the leisure of the four seasons and continues to act as a space for new culture.

Kamokamo River
Shobu Pond
 At this refreshing location,
children can play with watar
on the Kamokamo River
while enjoying the sunlight
streaming through the trees.
 As it is close to the city center,
many families visit here
during the summer.

 A part of the Kamokamo
River was turned into a
lumberyard. Years later,
the lumberyard was
converted into a pond, the
present-day Shobu Pond.
 The pond reflects
the greenery and offers boating.
Boat Rentals
Japaneese Garden
and Hasso-an
 Hoheikan , a historically
significant building, was built
in 1880 by the Hokkaido
Development Commission
and served as a guesthouse
and hotel. It is designated as
one of the important cultural
properties of the country.

 This Japanese garden
opend in 1963.
Located at one corner of the
garden the "Hasso-an”  tea
house is also a government
designated important
cultural property.


Trees and Flowers


 The park has about 5,000
trees, including Japanese
red spruce , yew, gingko
Ezo mountain cherry ,black
acacia and Japanese Elm.
Flowers such as
Japanese Wisteria and
various roses could also be seen here.

General view