This is a park located in the center of the Teine green area where artificial forests are grown in the "Circular Greenbelt Concept".
Half of the park consists of forests, such as the forest of Furusato, the forest of Tsudoi, and the forest of Yachou. You can enjoy the different seasons such as the cherry blossoms in the spring and the colored leaves in autumn.
 Visitors can walk into the observation lounge, which?looks like a European castle, and view a beautiful
panorama, such as the 600m-long canal, Mt. Teine, and geometric gardens.
 In addition, children and adults alike can use recreation facilities such as park golf courses, baseball diamonds, and leisure areas with barbeque grills.
 A grand view of the canal stretching towards Mt. Teine could be viewed from the observation lounge.
600m long/15m wide/0.3m deep
    This 320m-long trellis of
wisterias are known to be
very rare and beautiful in
 The wisterias bloom in
light purple and white
from June to July.
・Sunken Garden Basin 
・Row of Poplars 
 This basin was
reconstructed based on
the design of the water
basins made for the “Domestic
Promotion of Hokkaido’s
Developing Land Exhibition”
in 1931.
   Rows of 240 poplar trees
on both sides of the canal
are one of the best sights of
the park
 ・General view