Teine Inazumi Park

This park offers recreational facilities such as the Teine Pool and the Tennis Courts, where visitors can play sports while enjoying the magnificent views of the Mt. Teine landscape.
This area serves as a hub for sports activities in Teine Ward throughout the year.

Teine Pool (admission fees charged)

Open from mid-July to late-August.

Teine Pool

Tennis Courts (admission fees charged)

The Tennis Courts offer 20 courts, and are open for use from late-April to early-November.

Baseball Field (admission fees charged)

A single baseball field, Japanese-style rubber baseball and softball games allowed only.
Baseball Field

Park Golf Course – 9 holes (free)

Clubs and other items are available for rent (rental fees charged), and the course is open for use from early-May to early-November.
Park Golf Course1Park Golf Course2

Park Map

Park Map

Access Map

Access Map